Welcome to Evolving Depression

A New Approach to Mental Health & Happiness

Evolving Depression challenges the pharmaceutical-anti-depressant zeitgeist and offers a radically different drug free cure.  Evolving Depression views depression not as a defect or villain but as an evolutionary invitation to grow and change.  We extend this invitation to you - Let's cure your depression, anxiety or unhappiness by evolving it. 

Immediate Relief & Long Term Cure

Our affordable and easy to follow online program offers both immediate relief and a long term cure. The program contains a proprietary blend of: 

  • Binaural Beat Technologies-  to facilitate quick changes in mood & brainwave state
  • Guided Open-Eyed Mindfulness Exercises-  to facilitate long term change & growth  
  • Nondual Therapeutic Exercises-  which penetrate to the evolutionary root of depression
  • Awareness Mirroring & Modeling Exercises-  to facilitate a deeper, permanent cure
  • Multimedia Instructional Education-  providing easy to follow support & guidance

When You're Feeling...

  • Frustrated with traditional methods
  • Frustrated by non-traditional remedies
  • Broken, flawed or unfixable
  • Incapable of love, joy or happiness
  • At odds with everyone & everything
  • Like you've tried it all & failed

Reviews from previous program versions...

The videos were very clear, concise and easy to follow. They were all good. I think you've got a very good thing going with this program.    - Gary

Once again, I'd like to express my gratitude for the class- rare, precious, and remarkable! I’ve been happier and happier. As this all unfolded tonight, I came into a state of hyper happiness for the first time ever. I was smiling all the way through… - Carolyn

...so much support, humor, honesty and original wisdom. Places 'woke up'  in me through the videos. I could write pages on the benefits... - Nidhi

The freefall exercise was beautiful...I had a great sense of trust...The peace I felt once the shivering subsided was intense and lovely.

 And thank you for this! Every day I feel more and more my real self again- Sophie

The nagging sense of aloneness, despair and depression- The mindful awareness techniques swallowed them whole. Thank you !  - Tom